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After seeing the Littlewoods summer advert (late, I know! I don’t get onto youtube as much as I’d like and Tilly and Joe always have the TV to themselves!) I just had to have the dress Myleene is wearing at the start. It’s up there in the photo, and I just managed to grab one!

When it arrived, I tried it on straight away, and it was too small – though most of my old dresses seem to be shrinking lately. I checked the label and I’d just been sent the wrong size, thankfully. Still a yummy mummy!

I gave prezzo Seroquel a call and they were lovely about it. The summer range had just stopped, but they said they’d pull a few strings and send me the right size, so that was a relief!

I sent my one back and I’m just waiting on the new one now. Here’s hoping it fits this time!

Seroquel buy cod

I went into the kitchen to get breakfast ready for the kids this morning, and opened the cupboards to find Tilly hiding in there!

She jumped out and scared me and I laughed so hard I almost fell over! She’d actually gone straight downstairs after I got her dressed for school so she could hide before I got down there. Thankfully I wasn’t carrying cereal or milk, because they would have gone everywhere!

What a mischievous little madam she’s becoming.

buy Seroquel canada

It’s been a big few weeks for us! Tilly’s started reception, and at risk of sounding like a gushing mum, she’s settling in really well. She’s made a few friends and her teacher is lovely.

I made sure to do lots of prep before her first day to make sure she got a head start, and I read that these tips are great ways to help a child get ready for their first day of school, so if you’ve got a little one getting ready to start school, here you go!

Reading Aloud

I’ve always been keen on reading to my kids before bed, and I found plenty of research online backing up how good it is for them! Expecially just before school, reading aloud to Tilly was teaching her that words can be written, as distinct blocks of letters on a page – almost a primer to beginning to read herself!

I got her started on learning what letters make what sounds, and now that she’s in school she’s getting a chance to show off and be a little clever clogs (and she never misses a chance to do that!)



I made sure to call the school and explain Tilly’s lactose intolerance well ahead of time. I made sure to have doctor’s notes handy, and they were very accommodating! Just being clear and open and communicating honestly concerning your child’s dietary needs is always the best first step!

I’ve tried my best to make sure she’s not a fussy eater, but she does pick sometimes, so I spent a while making sure she knows she can just ask the lunch ladies if she has a problem or if she’d like something else. Lots of kids are too timid to try and wind up throwing away a lunch they don’t like! (Not that my Tilly would throw food away to save her life)

Starting school

Keeping it together on the first day

This is a surprisingly tough one! When a parent is upset or distressed, the child usually picks up on it and feels like they should feel that way too (remember they’re always looking at you for clues on what to do!)

So on the first day of school, make sure they know how happy they should be, by looking and acting happy yourself.

And try not to cry, or you might set all the poor parents there off!

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It’s very rare that you get something for nothing, but when you do it’s worth telling others, especially if it’s a little trick that they too can employ.

When asked what sub I’d like as I stared, blurry-eyed contemplating my decision, (I forgot my glasses) I swiftly gave him the same order I usually give when  I go to Subway – a 6 inch toasted tuna sub on Grain Honey Oat bread, with extra cheese.

There was a fairly big queue. Still, it didn’t take long before I was giving my topping choices. “Just lettuce and onion, please”, I said “and hold the mayo.” (I was trying to be good.) I saw them wrap my sub and put it next to the girl in front of mine’s.

Once I’d paid for my sub and filled up my cup (with lots of ice), I proceeded to climb the stairs to go and sit with the rowdy bunch I like to call my friends. Excited to tuck in, I quickly unravelled the sub. However, to my confusion, the bread was plain. I opened it up and soon realised that this was not my 6 inch toasted tuna sub on Grain Honey Oat bread with extra cheese, lettuce and onion and no mayo. It was turkey on plain bread.

Not wanting to accept my fate, I descended the stairs and informed the cashier of the mishap. To my delight he gave me a nice apology and quickly ordered me another tuna sub. But this is where it gets good because whilst passing me the sub, he also slipped me a free bag of cookies for my inconvenience.

This quick thinking from the guy with the long hair and nose ring turned what would have been a negative experience into a positive one. Well done Subway! All companies should take note of this excellent customer service!

medikament Seroquel

Oh, and to the girl who must have received my tuna sub instead of her turkey sub – I hope you like tuna. If not, I hope you got your free cookies too!

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We are over half way through the year. When did that happen? But at this time I’m reflecting on the new years resolutions I made back in December.

I set a fair few tasks for myself this year, but I figure that If I’ve kept at least 1 or 2 I’ll be happy. The general idea was to increase the amount of exercise we do as a family. I had some great ideas back then such as weekly sports nights, dancing, nature walks and ditching the car. I reckon we’ve done all of them at least once, but if I’m honest we haven’t kept them up, aside from one that I’m really happy about.

As a family we have been getting outdoors a lot more than we used to. We’ve been camping and gardening (which the children love!) and have introduced walking into our weekly routine. However, walking with children can be a lot like walking with dinosaurs. Kids are not ones to keep the peace, and if they’re bored, they’ll certainly let you know. This being said, we’ve found some great nature walks that the kids love and so I thought I’d tell you about them here.

walking with childrenSeroquel with repronex, Settle, North Yorkshire
This is a lovely walk that really sparked the kids interest, as the path leads to a magical waterfall and secret cave. We had fun telling stories about the local legend that says the cave is home to the Queen of the Fairies. This really piqued Tilly’s interest. Lots of wishes were made here, and she often asks to go back.

 buy Quetiapine and Seroquel, Dorking, Surrey
This is a big area to explore with 1,400 acres of land. But Polesden has a lot to offer for families from geocaching and special kid’s trails to dressing up and play areas. There really was a ton of things for the kids to do. It was a real unexpected treat when we went. We’ll definitely go back, but it’s quite far to travel for us.

buy brand Seroquel, Shropshire
The Attingham Mile Walk is a perfect for pushchairs. There is also a play area where the kids could let off steam. One of the good things about Attingham is that it holds a lot of family fun events throughout throughout the year. Especially during the Great British Walks festival. We are considering heading down for the Family Adventure Walk on the 27th of October. Apparently, there are different challenges for the children to take part in.

buy Seroquel epharmacist, Gwynedd, Wales
We are tied between Attingham Park and this one for the Halloween period. There’s lots of adventures to be had in Llyn and Snowdonia, and during autumn, on October 26th there are special  woodland activities for children of all ages where there’s lots to discover and create. The walk is lovely too, with some great views

Seroquel uk sales, Langdales
Another place we loved – we enjoyed discovering beautiful waterfalls, woods, small bays and it’s great because the path leads to an open meadow (which was great to relax in) and a pretty dramatic Woodburn Bridge. It also has handy amenities and refreshments at either end of the walk.

Do you know of any other family friendly walks? Have you been out an about over the Summer?

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Wow guys… It’s hot, hot, hot! So hot in fact, that there’s simply no need to pay for an expensive trip abroad. There’s so much to do here in good old England when the weather is like this, (and even when it’s not.)

great days outWe took the children camping in May and they loved it, by now it’s time to think of things to do in the Summer holidays. I remember when I was younger, people used to think teachers never went home after school or even done anything for their summer holidays. That’s not the case of course. But now with the shift in technology, our kids’ tests will be all ready and Seroquel buy on line has never been so simple. Back to the summer holidays! I’ve been looking around and found some great days out that are completely new this Summer. If you’re sick of the same old trips, consider these.

Dreamland, Margate

Dreamland looks pretty fantastic to be honest. From 1930s Caterpillars and 1940s Double Decker carousels, to 1970s Chair-O-Planes and modern adrenaline pumpers, it has been re-imagined to recreate a thrilling amusement park from the past.

It’s full of classic rides that pay homage to British Street Culture –Mods, Beatniks, Hippies. And apparently, the park’s famous Grade II listed, heritage Scenic Railway is set to re-open later in the summer.

buy discount Seroquel line

KidZania, Westfield London

This one only officially opened on June 25th but after doing some research, it seems that it’s one of the fastest growing education-entertainment (or edu-tainment) brands around. On the site, it says that “Through role playing, children will become pilots, firefighters, and police officers in this make-believe world…”

This sounds wonderful, and kids can even learn essential skills along the way, such as team work, independence, and even financial management!

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Shrek’s Adventure, Far Far Away (on London’s Southbank)

On the 1st of july, Shrek’s Adventure opens. It’s situated on London’s South bank and it takes you from a Swamp through 10 magical lands, where you’ll meet Gingy, Puss-in-boots and the rest of the gang, as well some other familiar DreamWorks faces.

It’s essentially a 4D bus ride, and if your children are anything like mine, they’ll love it as they get to rediscover a number of classic childhood fables to get through each level. Sounds like fun!

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Chester Zoo Islands, Cheshire

I can’t wait for this one. On the 13th of July Chester Zoo will open the most ambitious zoo development in the UK: an immersive re-creation of six south-east Asian islands and their biospheres.

Islands opens up the natural climates of Panay, Papua, Bali, Sumatra, Sumba and Sulawesi, complete with some of the world’s most magnificent wildlife – including carnivorous plants, prehistoric-looking birds and reptiles.

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It’s been too long yet again, and even this is only a quick one. (Sorry guys!)

So, I don’t often order from Avon, but I do have a lovely Avon lady called Michelle who comes every other week, so I thought I’d give her a bit of business and order a couple of things.

However, when I gave her my order we got talking and she was telling me how successful her Avon job is. I was quite surprised really, because apparently Avon is quite popular in this area. I won’t go into detail but she earns a considerable amount and it got me thinking… could I become an Avon rep? Surely it can’t be too difficult to manage. I mean I know I’ve got two kids to look after but i’m not sure how much time the job takes up.

I might try and find out some more information about it. Michelle was saying that one of the perks of being an Avon lady is that you can fit work around your schedule, and do it whenever you’re free. So it’s perfect for me.

Anyway I’m going to Seroquel cash on delivery, but have any of you guys had any experience with Avon? If so, please let me know.

buy Seroquel online from canada

This year seems to be flying by, I can’t believe it’s almost May. I like May though, it gets that little bit warmer yet it’s still fresh and crisp, which makes it a great month to get outdoors (and, as you should know, THAT is something I love to do) I also like May because there are two bank holidays to take advantage of. And after reading an inspiring article earlier this week about online pharmacies Seroquel, I think I’m going to take the kids camping for the first time!

Before my life changed forever (for the better of course) I really enjoyed camping in our RV with my partner. (If you have an RV, make sure the buy Seroquel american express is charged! We learnt this tip the hard way!!) We would often go for long walks in the Lakes, stroll back in the sunshine, cook some Meat and Vegetable Skewers
on the BBQ that we found from next day delivery on Seroquel saturday and have a couple of drinks to unwind. It was great to get some fresh air, and we always came back renewed. I was also weary of how well my cooler would maintain the quality of my food. I must say, I still am. My friend recently bought a rotomolded cooler and has constantly praised it. I don’t need one at the moment so am not too fussed, but if you’re in the market I would recommend you Seroquel online prescription to have a look at a range of coolers that might suit your needs!

However, when the children arrived, we always figured it would be too much hassle to take them – they’d probably get bored and it would be more stressful than relaxing. But they’re getting older now, and can keep themselves occupied for longer. I’ve found some great camping tips and activities for kids on Pinterest, too. Because although the real boredom busters are their bikes, and the water. No one thing can occupy a young kid forever!

I’m planning on tiring them out during the day, so they fall asleep early and easily at night. All camping with kidsthat fresh air should help too. Here are some activities I’m planning on doing with them.

Scavenger hunt

The first thing that came to mind was a scavenger hunt. I know for a fact my kids will love this. They are always showing me different things they’ve found, and showing off about who found what first.

I love these types of activities – It’s a challenge for them and makes them look at things differently. I’ll make Tillys a little harder because she’s a bit of a clever cloggs.

Glow in the dark bowling

Now, this is one i’m really excited about. I can’t wait to have a go myself. All you need is six tall, empty bottles and some glow sticks. Oh, and a ball. Perfect for when the sun goes down, I imagine it’ll be fun for us all, not just the kids.

Stick/log decorating

So, I’m hoping there’ll be somewhere we can find some logs or sticks, maybe even rocks will do the trick. But I’ll bring some paints and decorative bits and bobs so we can get a bit artsy while we’re camping. It’ll be fun and requires little effort and energy on my part.

Friendship bracelets

With Tilly in mind, I thought we could make some friendship bracelets. We enjoy doing this at home, and if Joe is napping, it’s something she can do alone. Or that we can do together as Mother and daughter.

If you have any more ideas, please let me know in the comments.

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I don’t know about you, but keeping a clean, germ-free home without the chemicals is something that is really important to me. All too often, we hear and read stories about the toxic substances that are being poured into our toiletries, cosmetics and household items, and while homemade-cleaning-productsthis may be something we can never fully escape from, I believe we can limit our exposure by choosing eco-friendly products where possible and (best of all) making our own cleaning products at home.

Making your own cleaning solutions is super simple and infinitely cheaper than buying even supermarket brands. It’s also a lot safer for both you and your family – little ones like to pick up all kinds from floors and surfaces, and dogs will never hesitate to lick up whatever they can! Whether you are using a vacuum to clean, or a steam cleaner from somewhere like buy 300 mg Seroquel to help keep your house clean, the products you use to do so could really benefit your family.

If you’re looking to save a bit of cash on your weekly grocery shop or wish to make your home a little more eco-friendly, take a look at my tried-and-tested frugal cleaning solutions below.

1. Make a solution with white vinegar and water.

Fill a spray bottle with half and half water and white vinegar (also known as cider vinegar), and use a simple yet effective cleaning solution on nearly any surface. This handy little mixture will help to keep counter tops, tiles, sinks, draining boards, generic Seroquel prices and bathtubs, leaving them spotless and gleaming.

lemonsYou can also use lemon juice for a similar effect, or save it for rubbing on those tough stains.

2. Cover shower heads overnight.

For the dreaded shower-head clean (a prime area for becoming clogged with scale and dirt), simply fill a ziploc or sandwich bag with cider vinegar and secure it around the shower head with an elastic band.

Leave it overnight and remove in the morning. You’ll find that the grime has become magically dissolved! Give it a quick wipe over to finish off.

3. Banish food stains with bicarbonate of soda.

Bicarbonate of soda (also known as baking soda) is a wonder ingredient at getting rid of spilled food on grills, ovens and hobs. When the spillage first occurs, cover with a sprinkle of the stuff as soon as you can. Leave for a few minutes, then dampen down with a bit of water and give it a rub.

The soda should act as a gentle abrasive and bring off the stain quite easily.

4. Avoid toilet scale build-up with diet cola.

If you live in an area with hard water quality, toilet scale build-up can be a hassle. To prevent it, find the cheapest diet cola you can and pour the entire bottle into the toilet before bedtime.

In the morning, simply flush the cola away.

5. Protect cupboard-tops with greaseproof paper.

By lining the tops of your upper cupboards with sheets of greaseproof paper (also known as baking paper or parchment), you can catch all the dust, grease and residue that is prone to collecting up there without any need for scrubbing.

Simply throw the sheets away every month and replace with new ones. This should be enough to keep your cupboard tops sparkling clean.

6. Steam your oven before cleaning.

When you’re ready to tackle the task that is cleaning your oven, leave a bowl of boiling water inside with the door closed for about 30 minutes. The steam from the water will loosen a lot of the grease and debris, making it much easier to clean off.

7. Try eCloths, for an easier, speedier clean.

I’ve been trying eCloths lately and they really work like a dream! Made from mircofibre, they are really effective at cleaning with just water, so you have less of a need for harsh chemicals or toxic solutions.

There are special ones available for glass and wood polishing; they last long, and they even help you to get the job done much faster. A great addition to anybody’s cleaning cupboard!

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My kids love helping out in the kitchen, often to the generic Seroquel usa and one of their favourite things to eat are brownies. However, I’m pretty careful not to buy the store-bought kind too often, as these are normally filled with overly processed flour, hidden dairy (which Tilly can’t have) and wayy too much sugar. Therefore, I normally keep these kinds for special occasions (when family comes over) or for kids’ birthday parties (if I’m in a pinch).

Instead, I try to bake something as often as I can, whenever I can find the time (usually once a week), so that I can put something sweet in Tilly’s lunchbox without worrying too much about how much sugar she’ll be consuming in a day (as hooked-up sugar-fueled kids are every parent’s worst nightmare).

I recently discovered this amazing raw brownies from the wonderful food blogger, Ella Woodward. Her blog, Deliciously Ella, has seen massive success for its plant-based. gluten-free recipes, all free from refined grains and process sugar. The term ‘raw’ might raise some alarm bells, but I promise you. they’re super-easy and fast to make, and most importantly…they’re DELICIOUS!

After we made these brownies last weekend, I can now safely say that:

  • They’re fast, easy and relatively cheap
  • They’re perfect for kids or those long summer days where you don’t feel like turning on the oven. All you need is some fridge space.
  • They contain no refined sugar, meaning your kids won’t be bouncing off the walls afterwards(!).


  • 2 cups medjool dates (unlike dried dates, this variety has a particularly soft, sticky consistency)
  • 1 cup pecans (hazelnuts could also work)
    2-3 tablespoons of cacao or cocoa powder (Ella uses cacao for its health benefits, but I find that good-quality, dutch-processed cocoa powder is more purse-friendly and contains less caffeine for the little ones)
  • 2 tbps pure maple syrup/agave/raw honey (optional).


1. Place pecans into a blender and blend until they are fine and crumbly.
2. Add the dates and blend with the pecans.
3. Add the maple syrup last (if using) and blend again.
4. Spread mixture evenly into a baking tray and refrigerate for 3-4 hours to set. Afterwards, slice into 10 brownies.
5. Keep the brownies in the fridge to retain their freshness!

This recipe is courtesy of Ella Woodward. Find more of her recipes buy Seroquel in england.

buy Seroquel online now

It’s been a while since I last posted, but with Christmas taking over and the festive season seeming to go on forever, I think it’s about right! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a a great New Year’s…We certainly did!

DeathtoStock_NotStock6One of my New Year’s resolutions this year, as you probably know, is to make more time for exercise in my daily/weekly routine. This is not just for myself and Marcus, but for the kids too. Luckily, us having a dog makes it that bit easier to get out and about…but it is all too easy to let Marcus do the evening walk while I get the kids ready for bed and flop in front of the TV.

So I’ve been looking at ways to get the whole family moving more together, as isn’t exercise always better when its done with a group? It all counts as quality family time, after all.

It’s also just as important for your little ones to get at least one hour of physical activity a day, as this builds essential motor skills; co-ordination, and their growing hearts, lungs, bones and muscles. It also allows them to learn just what their bodies are capable of and discover their favourite physical activities early on.

Here are some tips for family fitness that I can’t wait to try in 2015.

1. Pre or Post Dinner Walks

Taking a walk together before or after dinner is a great way to boost the metabolism and prevent sleepiness after eating. (If you hDeathtoStock_SlowDown10ave a dog demanding to be walked, this makes it easier!)

Allow toddlers to alternate time in and out of their buggy to get them used to walking, and you can even make it into more of a game by asking your children to spot things along the way (buy Seroquel with no prescription; a type of tree; a type of house etc.)

2. Dancing

Dancing is by far one of the more fun ways to be active. If you have older children you can dance to whatever type of music you like, but for younger ones it might be best to stick to a CD or DVD of their favourite TV show where you can help them learn the actions to all the songs.

Push the furniture out of the way and create more space – this will help you move more and make it more fun. buy cheap Seroquel with dr. prescription will help to make it a disco!

3. Ditch the Car

You might be used to hopping in the car everyday because its more convenient and leaves you more time to make those packed lunches. But walking or taking the bus to school/playgroup is a small change you can make to fit more activity into your day, as well as being more beneficial for the environment.

Use the walk to fit in more social time with your youngsters. Ask them about their day ahead at school – what projects they’re working on; who they like to play with. You can also invent spotting games to play along the way, or test them on their spellings.

gardening-with-kids4. Get Gardening

As the weather starts to get warmer in the next couple of months, you’ll no doubt be turning your attention to the garden. Why not get your kids to help you by giving them simple tasks to do? Watering the plants; digging up soil to plant new bulbs; gathering leaves or pulling up small weeds are easy jobs that your kids will likely throw themselves into.

Gardening has been shown to be one of the best activities for improving motor skills and is also a great opportunity to buy Seroquel fed ex and vegetables.

5. Weekly Sports Night (or Day)

The warmer weather is also a brilliant reason to get to your local park or playing field and kick around a ball. You can maybe even invite some neighbours’ kids who are of a similar age to your own. Set up a game of 5-a-side (or more) and if it all goes well, try to make it a regular thing.

Remember its not all about getting the rules just right. Its about having fun and getting your kids to be active, whilst possibly making some new friends.

6. Go on a Nature Walk

If you’re lucky enough to live nearby some forestry or woodland, make the most of this by DSCF7252taking the kids on a long nature walk at a weekend. Everyone takes a small lunch, and puts on their wellies or walking boots. Then you can follow a designated trail or path, asking the kids to spot different types of bugs, furry animals and trees/flowers along the way.

If you don’t have a nature spot nearby, there are many forests you can drive or take the train to up and down the UK. Many of them contain preserved species of woodland creatures and have experienced rangers on hand to guide you.

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At this time of year, when the sun is setting almost by teatime, all you want to do is tuck your little ones up on the couch with a mug of hot chocolate in front of some cartoopumpkin-spice-latte-for-kidsns when they come home from school.

In our house it used to be hot chocolate…that is, until we discovered pumpkin spice cocoa. I know you’re probably thinking immediately of the Starbucks-packaged treat that has become so prominently associated with all things Autumn, but this pumpkin spice experience is much healthier…and it’s for kids!

All in all, its very easy to make your own pumpkin spiced latte without all the sugar and processed ingredients of the Starbucks version. But leaving out the espresso/coffee and slightly increasing the cocoa content can make this a delicious treat for children, too.

Here’s my own pumpkin spiced latte tea/cocoa recipe, just about ready after many days of experimenting!

Ingredients (per mug):

cinnemon-spice1 cup milk (normal or non-dairy milk of your choice)
1/4 cup pumpkin puree (fresh or canned)
1/2 tsp pumpkin pie spice (OR 1/2 tsp cinnamon with a pinch of nutmeg)
1 tsp good quality maple syrup
1/2 tsp plain cocoa powder
Sprinkling of brown/coconut sugar (optional)

How To Make:cocoa-powder

1. Put milk, pumpkin puree and the spices into a saucepan and heat on a low flame until the milk comes to the boil (but don’t let it boil over!) Remove from the heat.

2. Add the cocoa powder and whisk together. You may wish to use a hand blender to help soften and blend the pumpkin  for a smooth consistency. This will also help get the milk nice and frothy!

2. Add your quantity of maple syrup and stir.

3. Pour into mugs, using a spoon to hold back the froth until the end if you like a nice froth-capped result.

4. Add more maple syrup to taste if you wish,and/or sprinkle the coconut sugar on top to serve.

Happy Autumn!pumpkin-spice-latte

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As its the summer holidays, I’ve been trying to get Tilly more involved in the garden the last few weeks. I think its great for kids to get to grips with the basics of gardening gardening-with-kids– it gets them outdoors; it develops their coordination and they can learn all kinds of things about plants, bugs and garden wildlife in the process.

Tilly’s been loving it, although she didn’t always like getting her hands dirty at first! Roxy ‘helps’ us by not eating the flowers we plant or digging up the flowerbed…and even Joe likes to dabble about in the soil with his plastic spade every so often whilst Tilly and I work. He loves it when the chainsaw comes out when some of the more major work in our garden needs to be done though! We do need a new chainsaw though as ours is getting harder to start each time we use it, guess I’ll have to start look at some Seroquel purchased online without prescription. We obviously keep the gardening in reason though. We don’t carry out major tasks on our garden wihtout professional help because we don’t want to get injured. The other day we had to remove a dead tree so we contacted buy Seroquel free consultation for help.

There are plenty of options for things to plant if you’re gardening with kids. Easy-to-grow vegetables like tomatoes, carrots and peas can be a great way of teaching them more about where their food comes from, whilst easy-grow flowers or fruit trees can sometimes just be fun to look at, you can always try the more difficult stuff, just give them a boost with something like order Seroquel overnight.

Here are my favourite choices so far for what to plant in your child-friendly garden, whether you’re using flowerbed soil or using pots. Some of these we have planted already; others we plan to plant in the days and weeks to come.

1. Daisies


Fun, friendly and cute, who doesn’t love a a few giant daisies in their garden?? Not only do they flaunt an innocent combo of yellow on white, they are said to be loaded with pollen, bringing lots of bees into your garden, and are easy to maintain.

We planted our daisies midway through June, as the prime time for seeing is from June to early July, Try to plant in a sunny spot as daisies love sun!

2. Pansies/Violas

planting-with-childrenPansies (or violas) are also an easy little flower to grow in small pots and containers. They come in an array of bright colours – many of them two-toned – they can be planted as late as early October for the flowers to bloom in the following spring.

Though we won’t see them flower this year, Tilly and I have planted some violas we hope to see shine through next year.

3. Wild Strawberries

Here’s an edible plant that most kids will almost definitely growing-with-kidsenjoy the results of! This bright, juicy berry can be a delight for kids who often like to see their hard work paying off, and are often much sweeter than the ones you usually find in the stores.

4. Lady’s Mantle

kids-fairytale-gardenLady’s Mantle is said to be an intriguing little plant that has the potential to bring magic and wonder to your kids’ garden. It grows frothy, lime-green flowers in the early season and larger fanned leaves which last throughout the rest of the season. The leaves tend to hold drops of dew or moisture on their surface which can sparkle like diamonds when hit by the sunlight. (Ideal for creating a ‘Fairy Garden’…!)

These tough little plants are apparently very drought-tolerant, meaning they’re likely to do well in a cooler or shadier patch of your garden.

5. Sunflowers

Like daisies, sunflowers are fantastic at bringing positivity and growing-with-childrenfun into your garden. Big, bold and eye-catching, they are another nectar-producing flower that will attract bees and butterflies (if you buy the heirloom variety).

Sunflowers can be planted from May through to June, preferably in a spot that gets at least six hours of sun a day. If you like to see them grow tall, then planting them against a fence might be a good idea.

Remember to always read the packet instructions on your seeds for how deep to plant them and whether they need any particular type of soil. After planting, soak them with plenty of water and keep them well moist every day. 🙂

You can also find lots of other useful information about gardening with kids buy online Seroquel.

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So the air is warm and the sun is shining (most of the time anyways), so I guess it means dogs-on-holidaywe’re way into summer now! We’re scheduled to go away next month to Florida, where we will be staying at the amazing Key West beach. Tilly is so excited, and we can’t wait to spend some time in one of our favourite hot spots.

Our reasons for choosing Key West, however, might surprise you. Besides being a beautiful, sunny and uplifting place and perfect for families, Key West is also a primarily dog-friendly place. And with Roxy, our four year old golden retriever in tow, what other reason do we need?

While lots of dog-owners might see their holidays as a rest from the doggie duties, we’ve been taking Roxy on our trips for the last three years. The first time we left her was difficult for both us and her, so we decided that whenever possible, we would include her in our summer vacations in the future. The cost of paying for your dog’s stay in a hotel is about the same, if not less than putting them up in kennels for two weeks anyway. So why hesitate?

Key West has a dog-friendly beach, a dog-friendly restaurant next door (the Afterdeck Bar at Louie’s Backyard) and a range of other dining options where dogs are welcome (Island Dogs Bar; Blue Heaven, and Cheeseburger on Duval Street). We’ve been there before and always had such a great time and Roxy loves the opportunity to frolic in the sea.

However, Key West is definitely not the only option if you’re looking to take your furry friend on a much-needed trip. San Diego in California is home to a number of dog beaches where leashes aren’t mandatory, and there are dog-wash facilities nearby. There are also plenty of pet-friendly eateries like Baja Betty’s, O’Bistro, Cafe Merlot and Heavenly Cupcake (where they even make ‘pupcakes’ for dogs!)

dogs-national-trustIf the crisp English countryside is more your thing, then England and Scotland is just brimming with hotels and country lodges where your canine will be welcome.
The Swan Hotel in Southwold provides lovely dog-tailored accommodation in its Lighthouse Rooms for just £10 a night, and dogs get their own bowl and treat upon arrival. There’s also a dog beach along Walberswick Harbour for running and playing.

Fieldshead Hotel in the pretty fishing town of West Looe also looks like it would be a great choice. The hotel is said to be luxurious and relaxing, providing five-star service, pet-friendly rooms, and an ocean coastline right on your doorstep. Meanwhile, Trigony House Hotel in Thornhill, Scotland, looks a classically beautiful and charming place, surrounding by enchanting Scottish countryside including lots of exciting walking trails. This place is said to be a more up-market stay for dog-owners that want a bit of luxury for both themselves and their pooches, and its service is award winning.

It can indeed be difficult to get a good blend on dog-friendly vacations, especially as humans tend to like sightseeing and culture, whilst dogs love forests, fields, woods and other open spaces. English Heritage and National Trust in the UK however often aim to combine outdoorsy activities with historic walks and experiences, so their trips can be a good option (and they accommodate dogs in many of their hotels, pubs and restaurants too).

As far as accommodation is concerned, you’re certainly not necessarily limited to camping. Lots of travel agents (including a young startup named buy genuine Seroquel online) can point you in the direction of lots of pet-friendly hotels, as well as self-catered holiday homes and lodges, right across Europe and beyond.

Be patient, do your research, and don’t be afraid to make enquiries (or be open to something new!) When the whole family travels, there should be no more excuses for leaving your four-legged friend behind.





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So Marcus and I have decided to redecorate the dining room. We’ve been a while putting it off as we were pretty sure Roxy would trash the place when she was a puppy…but now that she’s got out of the chewing phase I think its about time we roll our sleeves up and get it DONE! (That’s not to say Roxy won’t trash it anyway…I’m sure if she doesn’t, the kids will. But we’ll see how things go…)

So far I’ve been picking out small designs for wallpaper, colour schemes, lighting and furniture that really inspire me, whatever may be their source. As easy as it is to walk into a store and point to a photograph in a brochure, that sort of approach isn’t really for Marcus or me. I’m usually pretty intent on keeping things original, and Marcus’ mother used to work in interior design so I don’t think we’d get away with it if we didn’t consult her opinion!

I thought I’d post a few of my favourite ideas here that I’ve found so far. I have consulted some design mags and websites…but sometimes its also fun to simply stumble upon inspiration when out and about or surfing the web. Pinterest is certainly a great place to inspiration on ANYthing…you should definitely get on it if you haven’t already.



I love this tree pattern – its very fresh and spring-like and reminds me of the white blossom trees at the end of our street. Whilst a neutral colour, its also still pretty playful, which I like.



I love this rustic dining table, which could bring a distinctly warm feel into an otherwise cool room. I’m not too keen on the chairs, but the mahogany table could make a beautiful centrepiece through both summer and winter. I also like the tree wallpaper used in the room in this photograph too!



This metal-framed leaf-designed hanging lamp is from Overstock’s Home & Garden range. Whilst a dark colour, I love the pattern and I think it would go perfectly with a nature-esque, organic theme (which seems to be a recurring element right now…). I also persuaded Marcus to get an electrician to move the light in our dining room that’s always been off-centre. We thought it would be hard to find a good one that was actually in our budget but we just looked online for one in our local area. It was literally as easy as searching online prescription Seroquel!Rug


I think we’re pretty set on having a hard wood floor, so a rug will probably end up being an essential. I usually love heavy, rich-coloured rugs that echo exotic countries like India and Morrocco…but being a dining room I’d like to keep things fresh and airy. This cream-coloured woven rug made from natural materials would be perfect…though how long it would stay clean for is another issue!

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Funny thing that happened the other day (and an update on Joe’s feeding habits). Whilst on a rather long call to buy generic Seroquel(another story entirely), I looked away from Joe for a minute and back again to catch him feeding his whole dinner to Roxy, our four-year old golden retriever.

I could have been frustrated, I suppose, but the scene was just too funny not to laugh – Joe innocently tipping the food off his plate and Roxy eyes lighting up like her birthday had come early, as she raced to lap up the falling food. I had to hold back from laughing lest the Customer Service girl on the other end of the phone wondered what on earth was wrong with me.



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It’s been baking-central here in our house this week, as Tilly’s school is holding a family fun day to raise funds for the local hospital. The teachers want all the kids involved (and obviously, the parents!) so we’ve been baking up some varied treats to contribute to the bake sale (as well as one or two extra batches to munch on ourselves, of course!)

So far we’ve done around three batches of 20 cookies and one batch of brownies…but I have a feeling we’re going to need more of the latter as they taste so good, they may not last in this house for long…

I think above all though, the winners are these truly delightful peanut butter cookies, which most kids are likely to love. Before making these for any community-based project, do check that there’s nobody with any nut allergies, or anything (luckily Tilly’s class is clear). If not, you’re good. Bake away!

This recipe is from

Soft Peanut Butter Cookies

1/2 cup butter
1/2 cup peanut butter (preferably sugar-free, for your own peace of mind)
1/2 cup raw cane sugar
1/2 dark brown sugar1 egg
1/2 tsp vanilla
1 1/4 cups flour (choose white or wholemeal)
3/4 tsp baking soda
1/4 tsp salt

How To Make
1. Preheat your oven to 375 degrees.

2. Mix the butter, peanut butter, both types of sugar, the egg and the vanilla.

3. Gradually add the flour, mixing well.

4. When you have a nice thick doughy consistency, roll into balls and use a fork to press down on a greased baking tray. (You can dip the fork in sugar or flour if you like.)

5. Bake for 10-12 minutes (10 if you like them soft). Be sure to keep an eye on them though as some ovens get hotter than others.

These cookies are perfect to make with kids as they’re really easy, and little ones can help with simple things like mixing and rolling the cookie dough.

Then of course there’s always licking the bowl at the end, which is Tilly’s favourite part (though I can’t figure out why…!)




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Things have been a little hectic here at Jin Towers – not only have my deadlines kept me exceedingly busy, but we are currently in the middle of transferring little Joseph onto solid food…something which I can’t say hasn’t been quite an experience!

The whole transference to solid food process means that Joe messy-baby-highchairobviously needs to be supervised at all mealtimes and takes much longer to feed – not the most conducive circumstances to get a good 3000 words a day in (my target has shrunk since I began working from home to be with the kids – it had to) but nevertheless we try.

It’s actually been really fun finding tasty foods that Joe will be willing to eat, as well as bake him up a baby-sized treat every now and then, like these delicious little order Seroquel no rxSeroquel drug from Small Steps Online. (These are for special times only – like when he eats his whole dinner – a very rare occurrence.) I can’t wait till he’s big enough to get involved in the baking himself – not long now before he’ll be able to stir and roll things, I’m sure!

baby-solid-foodTilly is great – she often helps to feed Joe his afternoon snack when she arrives home from school and has taken to fixing him a mini version of what she eats herself. This usually involves something simple like peanut butter with celery and raisins, but it doesn’t always go down well with Joe. Sometimes he’ll simply play with it and make a mess; other times he just won’t touch it at all.

Overall, it is a changing phase that will require perseverance, no doubt, but I find plenty of support from the forums of and Small Steps, and I’m really relishing spending more time at home (even though the whole freelance working thing isn’t getting my fullest attention right now, admittedly). Still, they say these years pass by faster than you could imagine, so I’d rather be enjoying adventures with my kids whilst they last, and have much more to write about later down the line!

Until next time,